How to Make Your Wine

If you love wine, you have probably dreamed of creating your own at home. Luckily, using the right tools and ingredients, you can do it!

You will need the following materials:

  • A glass jar or a jug with a small neck
  • An airlock.
  • A thin plastic tube for extraction
  • Clean wine bottles with corks or screw cap
  • Yeast

Winemaking Toronto Step By Step

  1. Choose The Fruit You Will Use.

You can use any type of fruit for Winemaking Toronto, although grapes and berries are the best known alternatives. Choose the fruit that is at its peak of flavor. It is better to opt for organic fruits that have not been treated with chemicals.

  1. Wash the fruit

Remove stems and leaves, and make sure there are no dirt or dust particles left. Rinse well and place in the jug.

  1. Crush The Fruit.

With the help of a potato press or with your hands, crush and squeeze the fruit to release its juices. If you don’t have enough juice to fill the pitcher, fill it with filtered water.

  1. Incorporate The Honey and Yeast

Honey provides food to the yeast and sweetens the wine. The amount of honey you use will directly affect the sweetness of the wine.

Pour yeast into the jug and incorporate it into the mixture using a long-handled spoon.

  1. Ferment The Wine

Cover the pitcher and store it overnight. Place the sealed pitcher in a warm area at a temperature of about 21 ° C overnight.

The mixture should start to bubble as the yeast begins to act. This is the fermentation process that results in a delicious wine.

  1. Strain And Extract The Liquid.

When the bubbles stop appearing, strain the solid residues and extract the liquid in the bottle to store it for a long time.

Summing Up!

Make wine like a professional!

Learn the tricks to make wine successfully at Winemaking Toronto.  Once you master the procedure, you can experiment using different fruits until you find the perfect wine for you.

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