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Juice for Wine Making

We bring in grape juice on a regular basis. Our new harvest of California juices usually come stream in early fall and are available early year round. These juices are kept frozen after harvest and are shipped to us on demand. The juices are available in containers of 20 litres.


Alicante Grenache Carignane Mission Zinfandel Ruby Cabernet Pinot Noir Barbera Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot Petit Syrah Burgundy


Muscat Palomino Thompson Seedless Premium Chablis Sauvignon Blanc Riesling Chenin Blanc
We Also Specialize in California & Canadian Grapes for Wine and Grape Juice September & October CONTACT US FOR MORE DETAILS
Equipments Needed
Carboy Syphon Hose or Plastic Tubing Airlock & Stopper Funnel Hydrometer & Test Jar (measures gravity ie. sugar content) Sterilization & Cleaning Solution Campden Tablets or Tannisol Clarifing Agents (Bentonite or Kieselsol)
Equipments Needed for Bottling
Bottles Corks Syphon Hose Corker

Step 1 Sterilization

  • Clean and sterilize all equipment, including fermenters, mixing equipment, bottles and all other equipment used in the intermediate operation.
  • This is critical! Yeast is very close, on the food chain, to being a bacteria. If yeast can grow then bacteria can grow. The whole point of wine-making is to make yeast grow, so keep it clean! Once the yeast starts to produce alcohol, it will kill any pathogens that can hurt you. If you can get it past your nose.. it won't make you sick (except too drunk).

Step 2 Primary Fermentation 0-7 days

  • Remove the tear tab from lid & mix well.
  • Use sterilized hydrometer to take a reading.Your S.G reading should range 1.070-1.090
  • If you desire an oak taste to your wine you can add oak chips to primary pail.For even more flavour you may add oak to your secondary.The longer you let it sit in the wine the stronger the flavour.
  • Let the juice sit with the lid lightly resting on the mouth of the pail for approximately 5-8 days. Or until the reading is 1.020
  • Once your juice has reached room temperature it will start to ferment on its own because it has been inoculated with cultured yeast. Temperature of 21’C to 24’C should be maintained throughout the entire fermentation process.

Step 3 Secondary Fermentation 7-21 days

  • After approximately 7 days have passed or when you have reached an S.G of 1.020 siphon wine into a sterilized carboy. Fit your airlock and bung to prevent oxidization.
  • Avoid letting the wine sit for longer than 9 days in the plastic. Remember to sterilize all equipment before wine comes into contact with it. Ensure that the carboy is filled 1 inch from the top of the opening.

Step 4 Stabilizing & Clarifying

  • Gravity should be 0.996 or less. Verify a stable gravity by checking again the next day.
  • Stabilize by using campden tablets, potassium metabisulphite or tannisol. (use as directed)
  • At this point your wine is fizzy and has live yeast cell in it. We want to drive off the CO2 and kill the yeast to prevent any further fermentation.
  • For the next three days stir wine vigorously twice daily.
  • Add clarifying agent. Stir in for 2 minutes to drive off CO2.
  • Allow your wine approximately 8-10 days to clarify.
  • Place carboy in quiet raised area to let clearing take place.

Step 5 Bottling

  • After 8 days, check your wine for clarity by drawing a small sample into a wine glass and examining in good light. If it is not completely clear, leave in carboy for another 7 days. Do not bottle cloudy wine; it will not clear in the bottle.
  • Siphon your wine into a clean, sanitized bottles and seal with a good qualit cork. Leave bottle upright for three days before lying them on their sides

Optional Bulk Aging

White Wines: 3 months
Red Wines: 4 months

This is accomplished by transferring the wine from one carboy to another.
Optional step: you can filter and bottle your wine at this time


Fontana Original is a full-bodied and robust, wine kit, made from over 80% California and Washington State product, this six week wine kit is aged to perfection in 4 to 6 months.

$81.90/ 23LT KIT

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