Wine tasting in Toronto? Right here at Macedo Winery!

Macedo Winery is open daily for wine tasting and wine tours. We offer a unique opportunity to savour international and domestic wines in an urban setting. The wine tasting is offered in a contemporary atmosphere, with great views of our wine making facility. We feature wine by the glass, along with a full tasting menu of all the wines we carry. We are confident the menu will suit your palate and give you an opportunity to try unique wines from around the world, selected by our family. The winery’s tasting staff is efficient and well equipped to handle any questions guests may have about wine and can help them choose a wine that suits their preference. Our wine selection can be sampled (at no cost) prior to purchase and we can guarantee our guests will leave satisfied. Our greatest compliment is to see you return. Custom wine tastings and tours are available by appointment only. For a quote or to book your spot in one of our local wine tasting events, call 416-535-0416.
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Wine Tasting Hours

Monday-Wednesday, Saturday

11 AM – 6 PM


11 AM – 7 PM


11 AM – 8 PM


11 AM – 5 PM

Our wine tasting events offer a truly unique experience in a wonderful urban setting that offers luscious wines from around the world.

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