A week to Party, preparations are accelerated and the menus are probably already selected. So by this time, and all you want is to settle for a great bottle of wine. There’s a saying that says a regular meal is fixed by a good wine.

In this article, we’ll discuss five Great bottles of wine from Wine Store Toronto to serve at Party. 

Cabernet Sauvignon from Wine Store Toronto

Hey! Party is around the corner, do you have your wine ready? If not yet, then you got to figure it out. Visit Wine Store Toronto and grab a bottle of the Cabernet Sauvignon wine. 

This wine is dark ruby red and comes in ready to drink bottles of 750ml, and 4 liters. It has baked cherry pie and ripened fruit aroma. The price ranges between $9.75 and $39.95.

Sweet Rosé 2016

The Sweet Rosé is a light-bodied wine with a refreshing red berry flavor. It’s pale pink and has a ripened strawberry and floral aroma. The price is $7.50.

Classico White 2017

The White Classico 2017 MACEDO wine is packaged in different volumes which are 750ml, 1.5lt, 2lt, 1G, 4lt, 8lt, and 16lt. 

It’s a light-bodied white wine with citrus flavors. Its scent is a combination of citrus, green apple, and melon. The cost range is $7.75 to $98.00

Sweet Muscat 2011

Are you searching for a whine that will trigger your taste buds this festive season? Choose the Sweet Muscat 2011 dessert wine.

The sweet Muscat originates from Sicily in Italy. It has a beautiful apricot, honey, orange blossom, and tropical fruit aroma. It goes for $14.95

Beira Interior White 

 Beira Interior White is light-bodied and pale yellow with steely acidity. It has a soft citrus and stone fruit aroma with floral & citrus flavors.

The price is from $8.95 to $115.00.

Summing Up

Planning to treat your pals to a wine toss over party?  Visit Wine Store Toronto and choose from our different varieties.