About Us

Macedo Winery

Our mission is to help you find the perfect wine, whether you are entertaining at home or celebrating with family and friends. Macedo Winery is a local winery in Toronto that is proud to offer a collection of imported international wines and locally made Canadian wines. We integrate old world and new world winemaking techniques to create a unique and exquisite balance that we are confident you will enjoy! We strive to provide only quality products, knowledge and service.

We are located in the heart of the city and are licensed to import wines from anywhere in the world. Macedo Winery is beautifully decorated and accented with touches of new world and old world inspirations. Upon arrival, you will be greeted by our knowledgeable staff who are eager to share their passion for wine. Come on in and discover why Macedo is the best winery in the city!

Family. Friends. Togetherness.

This is how we hope our wines are consumed. We believe wine brings people together and our ultimate goal is for our “signature wines” to be present during your most memorable experiences with others. This is our primary focus and promise to our customers.

Our mission is to be the family face of wine in our urban city of Toronto. Our family believes wine is an essential element in life, adding layers of flavor and richness to not only our meals but to our relationships. We’re passionate about our product and are confident that our winery offers bold and expressive wines, from distinctive wine regions of the world, that will satisfy the modern palate.

At Macedo Winery, we promise to always strive for excellence in wine-making and exceeding your expectations from us. We’d love to have you visit us at our winery and we look forward to seeing you soon…


Our Evolution

The founder of Macedo Winery, David Macedo, has always worked very closely with his family, so it came quite naturally to include his two daughters in his business ventures and, over time, Macedo Winery has become an evolution of hard work, dedication, passion and perseverance between the collaboration of all family members.

Aimee and Daisy took an interest in wines and studied at The Culinary Institute of America in Napa Valley, California.

Cindy Furtado, niece of David Macedo, with a background in retail sales, management, displaying and merchandising joined the family team.

Aimee, Daisy and Cindy studied more on wine and completed the Intermediate Certificate in Wines and Spirits.

Macedo Winery is established in Toronto.

The family’s newest venture is the completion of Downtown Winery at its original 30 Ossington Avenue location. Here, they offer international and domestic wine for purchase, wine tastings by appointments, wine by the glass with food pairings, and event space rental opportunities.