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Your Neighbourhood Winery

We import grape juice for winemaking on a regular basis. Our new harvest of California grape juices arrives in early fall and are available year round. These juices are kept frozen after harvest and are shipped to us on demand. Grape juices are available in container of 20 litres.

Order & Pick Up location: Macedo Wine Grape Juice Ltd.

50 Caledonia Park Rd. Toronto, ON /M6H 4A8 / 416-652-0416.

Pricing starts at $50.00 (20lt)

Grape Juice Varietals Type
Alicante Red
Grenache Red
Carignane Red
Petite Syrah Red
Zinfandel Red
Ruby Cabernet Sauvignon Red
Pinot Noir Red
Merlot Red
Cabernet Sauvignon Red
Classic Burgundy Red
Grape Juice Varietals Type
Muscat White
Palomino White
Thompson Seedless White
Chenin Blanc White
Sauvignon Blanc White
Riesling White

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