Ferment on Premise

how it works

Come in and Select Your Wine.

Drop by our shop (no appointment needed/ 7 days a week)  and take a look at our vast selection of wines on our menu. Our team will happily help you select your favourite wine style and go over the winemaking procedure and customization options.

Wait 5-7 Weeks

Over the course of the next five to seven weeks our team will be monitoring the natural process of fermentation as the grape juice gradually turns into wine. Once the initial fermentation has taken place we will go through the processes of racking, fining, filtering and oaking. Each wine receives individual attention.

Bottle Your Wine.. And Enjoy!

Once the hard work has been completed, your wine is ready to move into a bottle, where it will continue to age until you are ready to enjoy it.

We will give you a call and schedule a bottling appointment. The bottling process involves sterilizing and filling up the bottles with your wine, corking and adding foil covers over the finished product. Here at Macedo’s we carry state of the art machinery to make the process quick and easy. Once the wine is filled and customized to your liking you can officially take it home to enjoy!


make your own wine

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